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My first Dyno pull, after road tuning

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Hi Everyone, I just woul like to share my first dyno pull, afret road tuning, several courses, and webinars I took here.

I built an home made knock detection sistem that seems working pretty well.

The engine is a stock b16 with 230.000km. For stock I mean it just has 550 injectors.

The turbo kit is homemade, with a td0516g6 from an evo 8, so homemade manifold, downpipe, and intercooler lines.

It has water/meth injection just for safe, and potentially I can push it harder because is not knocking, but I'm a bit afraid about stock sleeves.

The pressure is a 0,7 bar.

I'm pretty happy with the torque curve. What do you think? From the graph I noticed that I can set the rpm limiter a little lower.

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It all looks very smooth, what were your AFR's?

regarding your rev limiter comment it might be worth reading this article by Sasha:

Thanks for the article!!!

Afr with water meth was 11.5.

True afr 12.2.