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need some help on post start enrichment for haltech sport 2000

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can some one explain to me how the post start enrich work on the haltech sport2000 and what is the purpose for this table .I would like to know if u enable this table or disable the table what are the advantage and disadvantage and if I do enable the table what number should I start of with

thanks Chris but the problem I am have is not with the cold start . the problem I am having is when I start the car the car idle up to 4500rpm then go down slow when the engine temp is @ 186 I am stuck at this . when I check the percent of tps it is @ 0% when the ignition is on ,

First - How about some more details -- What kind of engine, and intake setup are you using?

I don't think changing the mixture is going to produce enough extra torque to rev the engine up to 4500 RPM. That would be extra air, like an idle control valve, or perhaps some post start advance. But my money's on something like a stepper motor idle control that is driven to the stop in one direction before idle control is started.

Look for any idle control settings.

The post start enrichment is part of the cold/warm start cycle which is explained in the webinar. It does sound more like extra air flow causing the high RPM as that is more than you'll achieve with extra fuel and timing from the start up cycles.

Like David has mentioned, look into your idle control valve setting and see what's going on when it's idling high

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