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need some help with my haltech sport 2000 cal file

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2jz run rich at idle afr is 10.3 and would not change at all if i take 25 percent of the fuel trim noting happen need help on tuning on idle which table do i mess with to get the afr to change ?

Is this a new installation or has it just started doing this?

This is a new install with the haltech 2zgte base map

Are you running the stock VE-based base map? Are you using the overall trim to make your fueling change? Have you tried adjusting the main VE map? Have you set the injector flow to match your injector size? Are you confident the wideband is reading correctly? Are you 100% certain there is no mechanical issue with the engine (cam timing etc)? Are you getting a sensible manifold pressure reading at idle?

i am running ve based map and the trim is at 0 percent I check the dead time and fire angel I even try to set the injector dead time and finally got the idle afr to go up but then when tuning the map @ 5000 rpm with no load the afr stay at 10.3 and dose not change .I have attach my haltech cal file

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look like you injector dead time are set wrong because you need to interpolate between two know point. is what i can see in you dead time table.

Thanks for the reply the place i brought these injector from gave the dead time can u help me set them up please because i am a bit confuse now

They should have given you multiple voltages, like 8, 10, 12, 14, 16 volts.

Fill the table in with what they gave you, and then loop off from known to known with the mouse and hit L (linearize). That will fill in the ones in between that you dont know. When done they should transition smoothely from one to the other. Thats one general rule of tuning, everything should be smoothe, linear, nice.

Good luck. If you post the dead times i can put them in your map for you, but this is something you need to know how to do if you are going to tune (=

I linera out the graph but the afr stays at 10.3 at idle and would not change

It sounds like you may have a mechanical issue or something then? Maybe a bad injector O ring or something? Not being able to control the fuel is really wierd. If you take something rediculous like 50% out, does it still stay that rich? Also, as Andre mentioned, are you sure your wideband is working properly. If its an innovate, did you free air calibrate?

Wide band work fine because when in change the dead time the afr change

I'd suggest logging the actual injector pulse width and comparing that with the wideband reading in the areas of the map you're having trouble. It sounds like there is something very unusual going on.

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