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Need some insight please

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As we just bought an opel kadet body alot will now it as an Vauxhall so we decided we want to build an street to drag car from it the so we want to go n/a as we been seeing good time we had an vw cabby getting in to the 10 sec n/a so please all advice will be appreciated

Which model/year kadett - there were several and the differences are important?

Based around C20XE (Cosworth KBA) or other engine - some versions of the Kadett have large enough engine bays to take an LS...

You need to give some indication of how you are thinking of building the car.

Hi sorry yes it is an 1986 kadett the idea is to keep in front wheel drive and not to go turbo and see if we can get it in the 10 sec it will be nice if we can use an opel engine but I'm open to suggestions thanks

Weight reduction.

Is this a FWD? Known in the UK as an Astra? How fast you want it to go? Can I suggest a steam catapult...

Yes it is an fwd if we can get it into the 11sec we will be happy

I'm biased towards the C20XE and a couple of hundred NA is easy to reach and, with a (VERY!) decent budget you can be looking at close to 350hp on E85, built engines with turbo's are around 800hp (could be more now, not really my thing).

However, on a bang for buck basis, a Honda variant would seem to be the way to go, What sort of limitations are you working within - rules, finances, resources (skills, equipment, access to parts, etc?

As with most things, light weight and traction will probably be a good place to start.

Gord no as im in south africa i would say resource is the big issue so it will really help if you can make suggestion to what need to be done so i can se if i can source it locally or need to in port thanks

Need to share this as this is how sa tuners tune cars

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You need to work the other way round - see what you have available and work from there, and decide what your priorities are, what compromises you are prepared to make, etc. What you're asking is the equivalent of recommending a piece of string.

I do know that the SA chaps have had some very nice vehicles sold there, some unique.

You can try a search for some of the SA chaps here - www.migweb.co.uk/forums/ - I know there are a few. There are also other Opel and Kadett sites in the UK and Europe, especially Germany, so recommend you have a check out of them as they will have a better idea of what fits, potential issues (like chassis weak points, etc), replacement panels (steel and lightweight) and a bunch of tuning info' for all the relevant GM engines.

C20XE is your way to go. If you want to be in the 11's being n/a you have to work a lot but is possible. First thing, as someone mentioned before, weight reduction... The engine has to be performed with high comp pistons, forged rods, the head must be ported , bigger valves, strongest springs and retainers, itb's are a must if you want to achieve more than 200whp, of course a good pair of racing cams, custom exhaust manifold, high pressure fuel pump, bigger fuel lines, etc etc...

I'd do it like that to mantain the opel escence.

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