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New Bosch O2 Sensor for Performance Aftermarket

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Recently, in a discussion on this forum and doing Google searches, I learned of a new Bosch O2 sensor that was designed to deal with some of the failures of their units in the Performance Aftermarket. I was able to find both discussions and links to the unit. I recall the part number designation was different from their previous 4.2,4.9 designations, this one carried an 'all alpha' designation like "ABC" Instead of being LSU-4.9, it was LSU-xyz

I am trying to re-connect to those discussions and now can't find them. Can't come up with the correct search terms to let Google do its thing. I do recall some of the discussion was with performance companies that serve the Australian and New Zealand performance market.

Some of the discussion was around using their O2 sensors in higher pressures and temperatures, I seem to recall a term 'pre-turbo'.Typical US applications are post-turbo, way down-stream so heat and condensate are not as much of an issue.

Can anyone help me to reconnect to that circle or the Bosch information





Note, requires a different controller chip.

Thanks. That is the unit I was looking for.

There is a manufacturer in the Australian/New Zealand market that has a website that was discussing this. Does anyone have a link to that or a list of the manufacturers in that market & area that I can try to find it?

My memory says that's where they were located but I may have that wrong. Looking for a discussion on the findings/failures of O2 sensors used in the performance aftermarket, both ecu's and AFR monitors.

The main difference with the LSU ADV is a lower thermal mass allowing quicker heating and it "lights off" at lower temperatures. This means OEM's that have to abide by emissions requirements can switch into closed-loop control earlier. It has no calibration resistor which means less wires and you can run a slightly more optimised sense circuit, there is also a special "pre-turbo" version which handles slightly higher temps, but otherwise there are few advantages for most users. It is probably less robust than the LSU4.9 due to the thinner ceramic.


The website I am looking for, as I recall, you were discussing this sensor. I don't see a forum on the LinkECU site. Is there another site you are actively involved in for matters such as this?


You might be thinking of an NTK sensor which is typically more robust than the Bosch LSU. I dont remember talking much about the adv before.

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