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New ID1050x Scaling Question

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Hey all,

So I got new 1050cc injectors from ID installed.

I'd like to scale them appropriately on ECU Flash. (Pictures bellow)

Would I simply impute the values from Injector Dynamics website for ID1050x into the ECU Flash's Injector Flow Scaling and Injector Latency?

Quick question though; on the ID website it has latency volts in increments of 8, 10, 12, 14, 16 volts...

but on ECU Flash the definition for my STi has voltage increments of 6, 9, 12, 14, 16 volts?

The stock OEM Injector flow scaling is set to 503.93 (set by the OEM ECU) I'd would want to increase it to what ID has on their website, which is 1065cc/min @ 43.5PSI fuel pressure.

*I also have the capacity to log via Rom Raider certain parameters if need be*

My plan is to get the injectors scaled so that my idle is stable then work to scale the MAF with logging.

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Usually injector scaling is somewhat 10-15 percent less of real number( just like in your example where it shows 503 cc/min whilst the real number is 560) so the same approach should be uded for new injectors.

The difference in voltage numbers can be extrapolated along with corresponding dead times and that's going to be close enough to run the engine properly...

You can also change the voltage value in the map to what ID provide.

I personally prefer not to use that way since we don't get to see the entire tune file but just some bits of it so we can't be 100 percent sure such a change doesn't require the similar adjustment somewhere else in the tune part we don't see.

Open source doesn't support 3d injector latency or fuel pressure compensation so the best you can do is select the single base fuel pressure your vehicle operates at some of the time, and apply latency values from ID associated with that pressure.

1065cc/min is the appropriate scalar if using stock 3 bar base fuel pressure.

You can change the axis value voltages to match the ID best fit data properly, or they also provide a reduced data set using default values if you prefer it.

You should be using their Subaru OE ECU specific info rather than the generic info since drivers impact operation.

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