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Is this table correct given the injector data supplied?

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Looks right. Using Differential Pressure is good.

But you should probably just extrapolate the values into the blank area instead of putting 0's.

Just in case the battery is run down, and having a hard time starting, putting estimated numbers there will help that situation.

They probably left that area blank because those injectors become unpredictable in that area, or possibly don't open at all. But in any case, doesn't hurt to try to estimate some values there.

I would not extrapolate those numbers out. I would however find out if the ECU manufacturer of the ECU that you are using has numbers for those injectors.

The numbers that have been supplied by MSEL are generated by MoTeC, not the Injector Manufacturer and thus are done to work with a MoTeC Mx00's injector drivers (an M800 was used to control the injectors on that test rig) and may work differently on another ECU. The 0.0 cells in the table are important as they tell the Mx00 that the injectors cannot open at those Voltage/Pressure combinations, so the Mx00 doesn't try to drive them and potentially run the engine in a lean condition.

With interpolation, then what does an M800 do at 11v / 500 kPA? Calculate the deadtime as ~.99ms, -- talk about running lean...

It seems like you would want some kind of "cliff value" for a breakpoint (say 10.1V and have a really large deadtime at that value (and 500/600 kPa differential) to prevent running lean.

Yeah, Im with David, Im not sure Stephen's explanation is right. Zero "Bat comp" should just mean the actual PW is the same as effective PW, it shouldn't completely disable injection. Especially since the M800 can do negative deadtimes, it would be a major clusterfuck to make zero disable injection when anything else on either side of zero is treated as an adder.

ECU is a Link G4+ Thunder ... Link don't appear to have any data on these Injectors. I contacted MSEL, will see what they come back with.

Well, while waiting for MSEL to respond I thought I would run the car ( at idle ) just to see how close it was, going from 1015cc @ 300kpa to 1196cc @ 300kpa. Had to put the "Post Start Enrichment" table to zero ... Warmup Enrichment was already @ zero ... after that I only made 1-2 point changes to the VE Table in that area to achieve the desired lambda.

One thing I did notice was there appeared to be a lot more fuel being applied on Accel Enrichment with the settings I had. I was having trouble in that area with the previous Injectors in that it would go VERY lean no matter how aggressive I made the Accel Enrichment settings.

MSEL did approach me a while ago to characterise some of the injectors that they sell on a Link ECU but it is something I haven't got around to yet... In most cases the data generated with an M800 seems to work pretty well in our ECU's too, I recently done a back to back test on an ID1000 while I was validating our test procedure and noticed I got almost the exact same data as ID quoted.

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