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CraigWOT, if you email Ben at you'll get a faster response as the guy's don't get notifications of posts.

JF84 & HS Engineering, have you tried different browsers?

Yeah I have Chris it does the same on my phone as it does my laptop and iPad. I've tried the app on Windows 10 and also the normal explorer browser. All do the same thing!

Hey Craig, I've just brought this to Ben's attention if it hasn't already been resolved. Unfortunately there were a few accounts that didn't migrate correctly.

@JF84 if you haven't already could you please try Google Chrome for your browser. This seems to be the most stable and has fixed 99% of the problems reported. Can you come back to me and let me know if that helps please.

Anyone have an issue not getting an option to go full screen on a PC while watching videos? My phone does it but cant while watching with Windows 10 and Firefox.

I cant do that either. Could previouly tho. Im using Firefox fyi.

We are aware of this issue but right now we don't have the ability to rectify it as it needs to be dealt with by our developer. Please bare with us though as we will get it sorted.

This may sound stupid, but is there a way to remember the logon. I'm forever signing into the site.


I have some problems with searcher in forum, maybe you could improve searcher to match exactly what I want to find, for example:

- to find all words in message, I've tried such query: "soft+rev+limiter" and gives me nothing (also after I've made the topic with those words).



Thanks Kowalk, I do know this needs work. I've got this on my list of upgrades :)

John, not stupid at all. I use my Browsers remember password feature. I'll speak with our developer and see if we can get it added. Thanks.

Hey guys, site is great.

Just a little tweak I think might improve the experience, is there any way you can disable the "sign-up" & "register" pop-up windows and banners once you have signed in?



Hey Mr 404.

Hopefully we will be able to integrate our website with our marketing pop up soon. This will enable us to stop the pop up for members. I know it's totally annoying to those who have either already signed up or using the site for their course material.

I know what its like trying to iron out niggles! Keep up the good work mate :)

Fullscreen video is now functioning :)

The pop ups and banner adds that have to be closed... dislike... I know you need to sell your product, but it's a bit over the top at times.



Hey Pete,

In the long term we hope to have the marketing system and the lesson system talking to each other, however at the moment the marketing system doesn't know if you are already a member and just keeps on trying. I've just implemented a change which will hopefully limit the pop ups after you have looked at 35 pages on the website. This means those who are regulars to the site shouldn't get hit with the pop up on a regular basis.

PS: for anyone else reading this, the pop up takes you to an awesome free tuning course. You can get it here: