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Nissan Micra k11 stand alone ECU

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Hey there guys, does any have any suggestions on a stand alone ecu for a Nissan Micra k11 2002? Its a 1.4l with coil on plugs. Preferably if it is a plug and play one as it would make the install easier. I am looking for something simple just accessing AFR and ignition timing nothing too fancy as it would bump up the price! Thanks!

Hello I don't know of any plug and play ecus but I would recommend something like a link monsoon for price and features as a wire in,

Regards Ross

I´d use Nistune.


The Haltech Elite 1000 and 1500 are PnP for the distributor Micra version, but the cheapest i have come accross for the CGA3 engine is Tornado remaps.


Since you are in the UK, give a ring to http://www.humphrisrallysport.co.uk/ Matt is a goldmine around K11s

A lot of info is also available on FB on the various K11, particularly active in the UK.

Nistune would be a nice option, but as far as I can tell are only available for the CG13 engine, not the CGA3.

Finally, i have heard about people using the ECUmasters piggy back module.

Thanks every one for the replies! Respect! I checked nistune and haltech although have no doubts about their quality products the expense is quite a bit even though its just a micra. As for tornado systems I did call them and their offer on the chip is just a improved map which is cool but I want flexibility as I am trying to learn myself. Again thank you all for the info!

I've done a couple of these now on Link Monsoon ECUs. Don't buy cheap (and twice!), get something that will work for you now!

I am starting to consider haltech ecu elite 1000 or 1500 as in future I am possibly gonna use it on my Mitsubishi evo 8 (future purchase saving up for it!)

I am currently installing a 1500 on my CG13DE car and so far I had no real issues with it. I would chose the 1500 over the 1000 again for the extra features and minor price difference, especially for future projects. I am also generally happy with the Haltech suport, but my engine is still PnP. People also tend to use OMEX on K11s, but i have no detailed info about it. I would look for an option that can work with the OEM cam and crank sensors and pattern to somehow help with budget and have decent support. I suppose that this will not be much of an issue with the CGA3 pattern. Keep an eye open for a used ECU also.

Let me know if you need any specific K11 info.

Thanks man I did check on the haltech ecu elite 1500 it supports the k11 but only the CG13DE the one you are doing but it doesn't say anything for the CGA3 pattern with the coil on plugs. And I agree with going for the 1500 rather than the 1000 as for a bit more u get more options so mine as well!

Yes, there are some differences between the 2 engines, especially in the ignition department. The good thing though is that the CGA3, having 1 cam +1 crank sensor is easier to match with almost any aftermarket generic pattern, as opposed to the 4+1 slots of the CG13de cam sensor (only) build in the distributor.

Have fun

good point I agree best of luck with your project

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