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Ok so I have nissan we tea b13 that I am running nismotronic with I want to spray nitrous on it but I the ignition Mao that I have now is for an and I'm pretty sure is to advance as I have at some points of the map at 41 I was wondering what's a safe window for timing with nitrous any info is appreciated considering I have never tuned on nitrous

OK so!

What exactly is the information you inquire?

A general guide is that if you already have your timing optimised without nitrous, you should remove 2 degrees per 50 hp of nitrous. So if you're adding a 200 hp shot, you would start by removing 8 degrees timing in the areas of the map that the nitrous is active. For my very first pull I'll normally retard the timing an additional 2 degrees and then begin adding timing back in while checking for power/torque and listening for knock.

Under outputs tab you can set up Nitrous in Nismotronic or you can have a secondary map that the ecu switches to as you trigger the nitrous.

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