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No coil pulse aem v2 b18c with t1trigger and k coils

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i made the basemap for this car its a b18c engine that's using aem v2 with a t1 cam trigger and kseries coils I finished setting up all the inputs and outputs ecu has been opened up to move the jpt 1, jpt2 , jpc1, jpc2,jpc3 jpc4 jumpers to the correct locations for this setup when I do output testing I can manually get the coils to fire. but what I have found is the ecu wont fire the coils when cranking the stat sync goes to ok when cranking and I see rpms but on the coil fire list you can see the numbers never change from 200 this tells me they are not being commanded to fire ive looked through my file and I cant seem to find whats wrong can you please help im attaching the basemap file

if you see anything else I might have missed aswell please let me know this is the first aem map I have made

thank you

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I'm having the same issues. Is your coils getting hot when the key is in the on position?

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