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No IAT Sensor?

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I have a 1996 Mistubishi Pajero Jr with a 1.1L 4cyl NA engine. It has no MAF, or IAT sensor and relies solely on the MAP sensor. I thought this was very strange and then I started tuning a 6G72 in a 2000 minivan and it also has no IAT sensor in Factory form.

How are these cars controlling their fueling? Do they just rely on the LTFT and extend that into the open loop parts of the map?

This question has bugged me for months and I figured someone on here would have the answer haha

It would be pretty unusual for a speed density ecu to not have a temp sensor.

The 4A31 pinout shows an air temp sensor on pin A5, does your not have this?

I cannot find an intake temp sensor in the intake system anywhere on the pajero.

Same with the minivan. I'm going to look harder now though since you've found the pinout for the ecu.

Maybe they are just hiding somewhere and I'm just blind lol

Yaaa I can't find anything....

Ignore the race car intake haha. I couldn't find a panel filter that was the right size so I used this that I had kicking around. The original intake didn't have any sensors in it.

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Does it have a wire in A5?

I'll have a look, though I'm not sure if the Bravo Minicab ecu would be the same as the Pajero Junior

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