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No RPM Signal Haltech Platinum Pro RB25DET

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Hi all,

Trying to start my R34 Rb25 neo after installing a platinum pro+ Many mechanical upgrades.

The plan is to get it started and running and then take it to a tuner.

It cranks but will not start.

In the Haltech Ecu Manager the RPM counter is reading 0 even while cranking.

I have rechecked the Gap on the crank and cam triggers is 1mm

I have gone to the Diagnostics page and the Trigger counter stays at 0, the Miss counter just says (Raw)

I have a Ross crank trigger and have selected 24+1 in the Main Setup page.

With the cam sensor unplugged i read 5v at the Power supply and also at the signal wire?

Any help would be appreciated.

What type of sensor does the "Ross crank trigger" use? Is it a magnetic or variable reluctance type (these normally have 2 wires - signal+, signal-) that produces varying voltage with cranking speed? If so, have you set any necessary voltage thresholds. If it's a Hall Effect-type (typically 3 wires - power, ground, signal), then perhaps you need to specify that a pull-up resistor needs to be turned on. Check that you have the expected voltage at the sensor.

You may need an oscilloscope to verify that you have a working signal from a good sensor.

While doing this, I suggest you remove the spark plugs, unplug the coils and injectors and put the battery on a charger. Do that until you can get the ECU to detect RPM (and Cam if running sequential injection). Then put the plugs back in and re-connect coils and injectors expecting it to start.

It uses Hall effect sensors. ZF Cherry red on crank, Cherry Black on cam.

The required pull up sensor is enabled.

I back probed the sensors and have the expected voltage (5V) on both sensors.

The signal wire also changes from 5V to 0V when i wave a screwdriver in front of it so it would appear they are working as expected.

I have also back probed signal from the ECU to the sensors and have continuity so all appears good there.

While waving the screwdriver in front of Crank sensor the trigger count did go up to 2, however i cant get it to do it again..

I also have the crank signal wired to pin 44 (crank signal 1 degree), however pin 45 is also labeled the same on the pinout.


Are you sure the Ross Crank Trigger sensor doesn't need 12v to work? Looks like the same sensor that Platinum Racing Products use in their kit, and it use a +12v, not a +5v.

Hope it helps,



Yeah you need 12volt for this sensor to work with the pull up enable for the signal wire

Also crank signal is not pin 44(120deg) . It's 46 (1deg) instead for the neo

Sorry that was a typo, I do have the Crank signal wired to pin 46 (1 Degree).

The Cam signal is going to pin 44, which is labeled (Crank 120 Degree), however pin 45 is also labeled (Crank 120 degree).

I scoped the signal at the ecu, between pins 43 (sensor ground) and pin 46 (Crank sensor signal).

I got an expected waveform. I also gave the sensor 12V and tried it again and got the same result. It seems the sensor regulates supply voltage to 5v anyway,

I have also tried plugging in a honeywell gt101 and waving a screwdriver infront of it does not give me a trigger

Attached Files

Can you show us how you did the wiring and screen shot of the trigger setting page ?

I found the Camshaft/Home Sensor was defective.

After talking to Haltech it seems on the platinum pro the trigger count will not increase unless it has also seen home signal.

Just waiting for new sensor to arrive but i did trick it to see home signal and it appears to be correct.

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