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No spark no CRIP no ref/sync synchronization

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you just need the MoTeC Software Manager and then the Ref/Sync Capture within that Software. Then you just open the .rsc2 file.

I just had a quick glance at the capture and though you said, that you've used the stock Nissan CAS wiring, it seems a bit odd, that your peak values are only just above 3.7volts. While the Nissan CAS usually should be supplied with 12volts.

Try supplying both, the ref and the sync sensor, with MoTeCs 8volts trigger voltage supply output.

The guy who did my wiring said he has used 8 volts to them indeed. Now i am even more clueless. Any body knows a few usable filter values? Taking it to Dubai and getting it done and bringing it back is alot and alot of money. Believe me, someone can stay at a 5 star hotel for 7 days for that much money.

Can you just measure the voltage to the sensors to confirm? You don't need the engine running, just power up the ECU and use a multimeter to check between the sensor ground and voltage feed to confirm you are seeing 8V.

Sorry for not replying for all these days,

Couldn't get to check the voltage 8v as i gave the car to the body shop to try and fit all the panels back on. Then I took it to the Motec dealer "Ivan Ingrilli at Powertec UAE" so he can himself see whats wrong here. So anyways he has the car and first look he said the wiring looks terribly messed up (seller thought it would be a nice idea to resell a harness from R32 gtr and use it sell to an ECR33 with the greddy intake manifold) in short wire was too short, needed to use adaptors on every sensor etc, and the connectors for the ecu are barely through the firewall . He was reluctant to touch the car but I asked him to just start and hand me over the keys so I will have the harness redone to suit appropriate lengths again.

If he can start the car the good thing is thieves will not touch the car, it looks like a spaceship program went terribly wrong in Bangladesh, and i am keeping my fingers crossed so he can sync the motec and give me a sense of direction as to what suits best in the long term for the car.

Thanks Guys.