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Normal Operating Oil Temp?

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Hey guys, just fitted some gauges to my 32GTR, The factory oil temp gauge during normal driving sat around 70-80 degree's which I thought was abit low... Now the new gauge is showing around 100c

Just wondering what your thoughts are on optimal oil temp? finding conflicting answers on the inter webs. I know every engine and different oils will be slightly different but what are the safe temps and where do you normally aim to be.

I find 100c - 110c to be about perfect. I run our Mazda 2L race engines up to 120c without concern as long as I can maintain oil pressure. If the temps are high (say 120c- 130c) and you have problems maintaining oil pressure then a higher viscosity oil is probably needed.

Most race engines we tune/build I look to keep around the 100-110 range. We will always warm the oil to around 80-90 before starting a race and hold a consistent 100-110.

On the dyno this has proven around a 3% increase in power (differences between 60-70 and 100-110).

Also found it aids in the prevention of premature bearing and piston wear.

If your oil temp is too low it tends to become contaminated easily as it doesn't get the opportunity to boil off contaminants. Likewise too hot and it can't lubricate correctly and you'll lose oil pressure.

As stated by others, 100-110 is a happy place in my opinion. Our 86 generally operates around 110-115 on the track. Prior to fitting the oil cooler it was seeing 135-140 which is getting too hot for my liking (although in reality, modern synthetic oils will still happily lubricate beyond 140 deg C to be fair). The trouble with a street car is that even with a thermostatic oil cooler sandwich plate, the oil temp on the street sits around 70-80 deg C which is a touch cold. No easy solution on this front that I've found and more of an issue though for cars that spend most of their time on the road with very limited track use.

Ecu controlled linear actuator mapped to oil temp controlling a flap to block air flow to the oil cooler? :)

What sort of temp would you aim to keep coolant at?

I aim for 85 degrees in the race car, you can run them higher and get gains powerwise, but I am on the edge of knock with my car so I like to have a bit of a buffer but taking more heat out of the engine through the coolant.

Typically If I can on most race cars I like to keep the water temp around 90-95, if the engine is quite knock prone I will try keep it more around 85.

I'm very curious how an engine builder selects what weight oil?

i just assembled my 3SGTE with 0.0025" clearance on the crank and 0.00175" on the rods, i was planning to use 20w-50 as this is what i used on the old motor (had about 0.001" clearance around) but this motor had some wear in the load zone of the rod bearings, so im debating if a thinner oil may help prevent this?

Thanks guys, I did think 70c was abit low on the stock gauge as you would want it to get to over 100c to boil off any condensation/water in the oil.. It seems to sit at 100-105c with normal driving... yet to give it a thrash yet with the new gauge.

Curious where you're measuring the temp's at? In the oil supply stream (pressure side) or with a probe in the oil pan?

I have my temp probe in the sump pan. With NO oil cooler around town with some spirited bursts i cant get the oil temp over 85C (SR20det). I have a oil cooler already mounted just need to connect the lines. Might have to cover the fins when not on the track or dyno

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