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Not expensive but reliable way to set up shift-cut for sequential box

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Hi Everyone

Last year i finaly switched to hollinger box, after braking 3 OS-5 (in 2 years) kits on my BNR32.

So far it is amazing, and when on track it shifts so perfectly you cant even feel it. But i'm afraid in a rush of racing i can damage it so i wanted to set up shift-cut for upshifts, as i dont have E-throttle i cant set up throttle blip to rev-up for downshifts.

My question is what gauge will you sugest - Strain gauge is quite expensive, and without e-thrittle i will not take full advantage of it so i dont want to spend so much.

Are thouse "click" shift knobs worth trying?

I fitted a couple of switches (actually proximity sensors) to detect when the lever is making an upshift or downshift. These inputs are used to cut the ignition/fuel for the upshift, and rev-match the downshift. Does your ECU have the capability of doing flat shift if you provided switched inputs?

Here is a picture (best I had) of my switch setup -- the sensors are mounted in slots so I can adjust the trigger point precisely.

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Yeah i have link G4 plug in, it can do a flat-shift. But no way to do rev-match )

Thx for your picture, i will learn your setup.

Guess i cant do like you did, because my shiter goes straigt into the gearbox and i dont want to modify gearbox housing to fit proximity sensors like yours.

A strain gage solution doesn't look so bad does it? It's simple and effective.

I'm not familliar with it. The complete system i saw is expensive, the guges itself are very cheap on ebay, but i dont know can i trust cheap gauges. It also need an amplifier. They are also avaliable cheap and expensive.

I dont understand difference.

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