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NTC Sensor Cheat Help!!!

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Good evening guys... Need your advice on a matter!

I'm installing a DTAfast P8Pro Ecu on a friend's very low-budget setup (SR20VE motor).

The harness and ECU were bought used and I'm making some minor checks and adding a couple of sensors sourced from other cars.

My issue is that according to the manual the ECU can handle any NTC sensor that has 2.4KΩ Resistance at 20 degrees...

My go-to source for an IAT sensor was an old honda motor I had shitting around but the main problem is that the Honda sensor has about 2KΩ at 20 degrees.... my thought was to add a 1/4W 400Ω resistor in line in order to get on the same page with the ECU. Has anyone done anything similar or it will be a wasted effort?

Wasted effort.

The DTASwin software allows configuration of the sensors scaling so you can accommodate your Honda sensors (in fact it has a preset for Honda K2-/S2000 sensors, so I would try that first).

Problem is that the P8Pro is from the previous generation of ECUs from DTAfast that don't support configuration on the sensors. (DTASwin is for there S series ECUs- P8Pro uses DTAwin) that's the reason I wanna go to all that trouble......Got any ideas????

easy button is to buy a temp sensor that matches. Usually they are not very expensive.

Bosch NTC is 2.5k @ 20c

Delco (GM) sensors are 3.5k @ 20c

I wonder what sensors they were thinking of?

I would probably use the Bosch as they can be had for US$20 or so.

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