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ODOMETER on AEM CD7 with Emtron KV8

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Hi everyone,

I recently got my R33 running and tuned with an Emtron KV8 ecu hooked up to an AEM CD7 dash. The dash setup didn't include an odometer reading so I've been tinkering with it myself. I'm getting close, but for the life of me I can't get it to tick over accurately. It's either too fast or too slow and I feel like I'm just taking a stab in the dark at various settings/value, when in reality it should be straightforward and logical.

So here's where I've gotten to so far...

1. The CAN input for speed from the ECU is "DriveSpeed". I've set the units on this input to km/h and it had a scalar value of 0.1 which I've left as is as I don't know what it means.


2. Then under the setup for Spped / Odometer I use "DriveSpeed" as the speed input, and "Speed Input [km/h]" as the input for the Odometer Speed Input as shown below.


3. With the above done, I then looked at the Channel settings for the channel that I use to feed the text value to the element on the display. As below, I've set the primary input for the channel to "Odometer [km]", as configured in the prior step.

The scalar value is where I'm guessing. I'm essentially tweaking this value until the speed that the ODO ticks over at is about right and with the value I have below its close but I'm not satisfied with it because it doesn't make any logical sense.


I should also mention that I'm obviously trying to get an ODO value on the dash in km/h (not mph).

I've also reached out to my tuner to double check my understanding of the Drivespeed value coming from the Emtron KV8.

If anyone on this forum has successfully setup an ODO reading on a CD7 dash I'd love to see how you've done it.

Generally speaking I'd be sending vehicle speed to a digital dash, then letting the dash accumulate an odometer itself. Have you tried that method?

Emtron states their CAN scaling if you search "Parameter Scaling" in help in case you haven't scaled a vehicle speed value yet.

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