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OE Subaru STI MAP Sensor Calibration

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I'm just about to start tuning after an engine swap to a Suabaru DAVCS EJ257 engine and have become aware that the 2008> models like mine (at least in North America) were fitted with a 3,0bar MAP sensor compared to the 2,5bar sensor on earlier models.

Having consulted the Subaru parts program I can confirm the following legacy for part numbers but have only been able to find calibration data for the earlier 2,5bar sensor.

2004 USDM STI: 22627AA210 > 22672AA340 (presumably both 2,5bar sensors)

2008 USDM STI: 22627AA440 > 22627AA490 (presumably both 3,0bar sensors)

2015 USDM STI: 22627AA490

I wonder if anyone has any calibration data for the 3,0bar sensor they may be willing to share. At 100kPa the 3,0 bar sensor produces approx. 2,06v compared to 2,26v from the calibration data I have for the 2,5bar sensor.

Do you have a tool like a mightyvac? a manual pressure/vacuum pump?

What ECU are you using? If it's OEM then you could always search the Romraider website for the original calibration file, just use it as a starting point and not as gospel though

I'm using an M130 ECU so was just looking for a series of voltage vs pressure points.

Whilst I could make arangements to check the sensor calibration using a vaccum and pressure source appied to a sealed manifold I was in the process of getting a new install started for the first time and was trying to avoid having to do this.

I did find a scale and offset value on a Norweigen forum which matched my value at atomspheric pressure and having run the car a little I can confirm the sensor output appears to be correct down as low as 30kPa and as high as 180kPa. I'll find the link and add it to this thread when I can; I suspect these values have come from a stock ROM.

I now plan on installing a secondary known MAP sensor to check the outputs track eachother as expected to confirm the calibration. I'll update with the outcome of this once I have some data.

My 2015 SUBARU Factory MAP sensor data Map Sensor multiplier 9.943 Map sensor Offset -5.666 but

I never knew they were 3 bars i think they are 2.5 bar but those are the factory values for my 2015 STI hope that helps.

I can't help with that calibration unfortunately but getting the right data is crucial. As a quick sanity check I always check the map reading without the engine running. You should be seeing normal atmospheric pressure - 101.3 Kia +/- about 5 kpa dependent on your local barometric pressure. This still isn't bullet proof but it's a good way to know if you're definitely out of the ball park.

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