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hi, I’m looking to start my quest on tunning, I’ve had experience with evo scan on my evo 6 which I found to be relatively easy to use/run logs and decipher them. I’m looking to test and tune my Mini Cooper s that I bought as a cheap car to put my new found skills to the test, no there lies the problem I’m looking to edit the original map for the mods I’ve fitted to the car, full exhaust, 17% pulley, cooler running plugs, filter and bigger intercooler, what software/hardware to people recommend to edit oem maps? Thanks Blair

I had a customer come to me with a Mini Cooper S wanting some custom tuning a few weeks ago. I did some digging and was not able to find any software that's readily available to flash the oem ECU. Seemed like only a few shops offered remote tuning. Good luck on your search.

Thanks for your reply, I shall keep digging I’m very intrestead to find a Soloution,

What year mini cooper S? There are tools out there such as https://www.detroittuned.com/bytetronik-fa53-mini-cooper-s-tuning-kit/

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