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Oem ecu engine management disconnection

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Hey all,

I have an 02 Explorer built turbo 4.6 2v. My question is if I run the engine strictly through a holley terminator x with holley 7" dash is there any reason my stock ecu won't work for everything else ie: air con fuel gauge abs etc if I have all sensors (engine management) wiring disconnected. I can't help but think if the stock ecu doesn't see that the engine is running which would be the same as key on it will fully function for everything else. Any help would be much appreciated, also have full manualised 4l80 so no need for trans functions. Thanks

Hello, this could be a complex job that may need to be piggyback for much of the Explorers factory parts to work, this means pairing up sensors such as triggers engine temp, inlet temp, map, etc, not something I would do without full knowledge of the factory system. but i think the main issue would be the abs that sometimes needs rpm and wheel speeds which will most likely come from the ecu

Regards Ross

thanks Ross, I'm not much of a electrical guy so really hoping not to have to piggy back, I was originally going to flash stock ecu as I have sct software to do so but the stock ecu is very limited ie: slow processor 7000rpm max and far more complex with hard limits less safety features ect than the holley efi, my engine will spin to 8500rpm though 8200 will be my limit. Got to do some homework and hope the abs doesn't need to see rpm.

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