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Oil Pressure Sensor Limits, and Warnings

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Hi everyone,

Had a bit of search around and couldn't find what I was after.

I am about to purchase an oil pressure sensor to feed the ecu some info and wondering what range I should get - originally I thought a 150psi sensor would suffice, but I am probably going to get a honeywell sensor (from motec distributor) and have a 100psi (690kPa) or 250psi (1700kPa) option. Anyone have any recommendations?

It is being used on a Mazda BP engine in an mx5, with a haltech PS1000 (hopefully upgrading to an elite soon...). Sees the track at least once a month.



Do you know what oil pressure your engine normally generates at full speed?

For your lower limit you need to find out what the lowest oil pressure your engine generates at full temperature, this is simply done with some data logging, I would start about 1.8bar initially but if it regularly dips lower than this on track then adjust the limit to suit or have a delay before the safety strategy kicks in with a lower hard limit.

For oil pressure and fuel pressure I usually use the 0-150 psi Honeywell sensor. You might see over 150 psi on some engines when they are cold but under normal operating conditions this will be adequate range. If you can't get a 150 psi sensor then the 250 will suffice. Given the application and required accuracy, there's really no downside to the additional range.

Thanks for the replies. I end up getting the 250 psi sensor.



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