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Hi Guys,

I have a mates subaru sti 2003. We are trying to use a tactrix openport 2.0 with ecuflash software to read ecu but no luck. logs says kernal error.

Can any one please help me out here please.

Do you have all of the jumper wires connected?

If so, when you are trying to read you need to switch the ignition lights on just before or at the same time that you press read, there is only a really small window of time you get, if the fans start cycling on and off then you've missed your chance.

Hi chris250,

I have the green jumper wires connected. i will try it out again today and see what happens.


You'll also need to have the jumper plug too, it's either blue or white

where will i find this jumper plug. is it a 1 wire plug or a 4 wire plug?

From the tactrix website


i have all the jumpers from tactrix but where in the car?

i have jumbers for subaru and evo

For the 03 it should be a four wire.

Thanks Guys for you help. I finally got it going. I am in a process of tuning.

Chris250 could you please let me know which maps need to be touched in order to have more boost etc.

I will be using a innovate wide band and plex knock monitor keep tuning safe all the time.

On a manual transmission car you should be looking at:

target boost (MT)

Max wastegate duty (MT)

boost limit (CEL)

Boost limit (fuel cut)

initial off-idle wastegate duty

That should be enough to get you started on the boost, obviously you'll need to control your fuelling and timing to keep the engine safe and there might be some tweaks to get the boost perfect.

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