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Hi Chaps.

Got my first tune done! Tune is on my 2JZGTE Supra, stock turbos, 0.9 bar boost with a Link G4+ Plugin.

Ambient is around 23-24deg at night, I live in South Africa on the coast so its pretty warm, car runs warm as well.

Coolant temps over 90deg, intake temps in the 40's, 95 octane fuel.

Needs some opinions on the ignition map, this is where I am a little unsure. Started with Andres base map from the course.

Using a Link knockblock to listen for knock.

I didn't end up advancing the timing much, getting light detonation on low boost & WOT and at high RPM.

Is the map plausible? I have the internal knock activated and the threshold seems correct as when I hear knock it registers noise over the threshold.

I had a lean spot which had a very clear knock event, picked that up on the ECU as well.

Car feels pretty good, before I up to boost and move to a higher octane fuel, wanted to check if i am on the right track.


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It's very hard to give you specific answers because every engine is slightly different. You're ambient conditions are also pretty brutal which may likely require less timing than you may otherwise be able to use. All up I'd say the table looks reasonable, if not a little conservative. However if the engine encounters knock with more timing then it is what it is.

Thanks Andre.. Being my first tune was looking some form of confirmation.

I would rather be more conservative than risk the engine, considering the ambient temps are hot down here.. Summer days are over 30degC with high humidity.

I do have a water meth system, usually just spraying water. I think I might try using methanol as well for additional cooling & bit more timing.