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Over run Fuel Cut

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Trying to figure this out. Idles around 1100, throttle by cable. My pockets are starting to hate my gas gauge. Not sure where to enter numbers.

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Typically you want the fuel cut to be active any time you're truly off throttle and on over run. It looks like Vems does this off MAP rather than TPS which is a little unusual but still workable. Log your MAP signal during over run and set the threshold around 5 kPa higher for a start. I'd suggest setting the rpm window to be anywhere from the rev limiter down to about 600-800 rpm above your hot idle target.

I believe if the MAP is set to 0 it disables the MAP. Then you can use TPS.

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Ah that makes more sense. Ok with that in mind the rpm threshold suggestions are still valid.

Thanks Andre!

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