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i have seen some tuner are able to breakthrough ecu been password protection and idea how that is possible??

With the haltech, you can upload another map and that takes away the pw protection. you lose the map thats on the ecu tho.

not sure about the others, but im sure its probably the same thing.

Normally you need to wipe the ecu and start again, with the power fc if you use the datalogit you bypass all security and it displays the password, this is handy for JDM tuned cars as they tend to use the same password for power fc and boost controllers

I have seen that with motec i did password protection and other tuner brack password and he was able to do change to the map I installed

I'm not aware of any way of bypassing a password on Motec's product and being able to retrieve the protected map as a base to continue tuning from. It sounds more like the tuner in question either had the correct password or was able to guess it?

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