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What are some features of a Motec PDM30 that make it more appealing at the professional racecar level over a Smartwire PDM?

Heya Alex. I've moved this thread to the General tuning forum, as more people there will have had experience with the PDM 30 and be able to advise :-).

Hi Alex,

I have only wired & setup one Smartwire, verses more than one MoTeC PDM (*I am a MoTeC Dealer).

My 2c worth, from my experience

Pros of the Smartwire is if you already have Racepak data as Smartwire interfaces via their CAN system, so sensors on the logger can be used in logic commands, and the Smartwire inputs and output parameters can be logged.

Pros of the MoTeC PDM30 over the Smartwire.

A LOT more open CAN functionality both for receive and transmit of CAN parameters.

Better software design, as well as logic programming, input and output programming.

Better and more common connector.

Better product support.

Personally, I cannot see any reason to run a Smartwire unless you are locked into their data system (the reason I built one system), otherwise there are other, better PDMs on the market, including MoTeC.