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Pectel SQ6 internal battery replacement

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Previously the ECU has been back to AMR / Cosworth to be "serviced" and have the internal battery replaced however they are not being very responsive and we have a dealine looming - has anyone got any experience of a DIY on this?



Sorry I can't help on DIY replacement, although I'd be interested to hear if this is possible. We have a local car here with a Pectel that has had the ECU back to the UK several times now for this exact problem which is time consuming and frustrating.

Sorry, only done T6's

I've struck the same issue, and attempted to get access into the SQ6M in question, but after removing all the screws, I was having to pry on it pretty hard and still wasn't getting any movement. I called it quits at that stage and organised for it to be sent back. Would be a pretty expensive ECU to damage :-/.

I've had good luck getting responses on Cosworth's customer support forums (, might be worth a try if your other channels are coming up empty?

Thanks guys - we also tried to open the case but it wasn't forthcoming and we came to the same conclusion that it would be an expensive error if there is some special procedure to open it - I guessed it as just hermetically sealed with some kind of mastic or something - I can't see this can be a difficult procedure but can't afford to experiment on it to be honest!

Still no response from Cosworth but AMR are going to lend us a spare for this event. Will update here if we uncover any knowledge about it.