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Peugeot / Citroen THP stock ECU reflash

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Hi guys,

What would you recommend to reflash the stock THP engine cars' ECU? Any good solutions with full fuel / ignition / boost / TC tables access?


For reflashing stock car is necessary reading tools example Alientech KessV2 (OBD) or KTag (Boot mode- opening ECU).

And software editing programm Winols is the best one!

That THP is with BOSCH MED9 mini cooper or newer MED17 ECU!

Hi Rolis thanks for the reply - I thought there would be a more straight forward solution with definitions out of the box, but being a Bosch MED ECU is time to start digging online for more information about the tables location.

btw, have you (or anyone) already used KESSv2 in a THP engine? Any feedback about it? It is time for me to invest in a professional OBD tool but I'm not sure about what to buy - MPPS, KESSv2, Galleto... maybe it is time to open a new thread and ask for suggestions :-)



Hey guys, i am starting to tune a Citroen DS3 and i was looking for the options regarding KESSv2, but i dont know which cable should i buy from their store. Does anyone have any idea?



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