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Phormula Knock detection group buy! interest?

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Hello everyone

I see people on here are wanting knock detection equipment

I have just purchased my KS-pro

I know the owner of Phormula so i'm gaining some interest to see who would want a group buy so the more i buy the more discount i can get

This is purely interest at the moment untill i know what demand there is

Take a look at the link here....


Im based in the UK so please remember shipping costs

if this isnt aloud Mods then delete it.



sounds very interesting, and is someting i would consider

... price?

@ Marek the idea of a thread like this is to find out how many would be interested and then get a price for a minimum number of units. Asking for a price right now is like saying I wont say I'm interested until I know how much it will cost. Take a look at the website for current prices and if you would like one then express your interest. If this thread generates enough interest the price may be lower and thus a group buy (bulk order so the price goes down) is on the cards so the idea of this thread is to find out how many are interested not to give you a definite price just yet.

JF84, I am interested but due to exchange rates, taxes, shipping, etc I'm not firm yet.

Im interested.

can any one tell me the difference between the KS4 and the pro kit?

and can you listen for knock with earphones on the KS4?

The KS-4 is a visual output aswell as an audio, they both work together and an alarm will sound when the ks4 reaches its threshold that has to be set by you . The pro is obviously only audio but you can get the ks4 at a later date if you only get the pro. More of a discount to buy both tougher at the same time

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Looks like fun. How does this unit compare to other "front runners" on the market??

Couldn't comment because this is my 1st one but it seems to be very robust and high quality. It's in a rubber case to protect it. I'll get some more photos later for you all

Have there been any comparisons done?... do you have any links?




Only ones I know of not sure if anyone can tell us more on what they've used

Here's another photo of the ks-pro

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I've used home made electronic audio, the Link G4 Knock Block, I own and used the KS4 with pro kit and have also used the old copper tube attached to some ear defenders.

The KS4 kit is a great kit, much better than Links knock block, the visual display is easy to set up and the website even has a knock frequency calculator to get you in the right ball park. It's amplification with just the pro kit is deafening but once you run it through the KS4 it filters it down and knock is clearly distinguishable.

I was weighing us between this and the Plex kit, the Phormula is UK based so won it for me, I also thought at the time the Plex was out of my price range, it turned out it wasn't in the end but I'm still happy with what I've got. I'm going to be messing with the signal outputs in the new year, to try and get it recording on my dyno, will just need to hope it works to give a full picture to customer and a full record for myself.


I just purchased the k pro without the ks4 . Would you say that without the ks4 the k pro isn't usable ? With regard to your comment about it being deafening?

I should have the kpro in a few days.

Not at all, you just turn down the volume. I was meaning with it turned right up. When I used to use the G4 Knock Block it was always turned up full

The audible difference between knock and engine noise doesn't seem all that great... from the recorded samples that i'v heard online (i'v never personally used knock detection gear). I was listening to a recorded sample of *light* knock... and it was VERY difficult to pick it over normal engine noise. What gives?

Hi Marek0086, The differentiation between engine noise and knock take some training of your listening. I have never heard a recording that has a clear difference without some filtering used or listening carefully, the normal recordings that are used online are normally a raw recording straight from the knock sensor.

Once you've used some knock detection equipment you'll soon realise when your listening and concentrating you can filter out the engine noise yourself and you'll head the knock event clearly.

Chris that's good to know about the ks4 filtering it, I thought it was a visual only thing that's why I just went with the ks-pro until a later date to see how I get on. I used the Phormula ks pro on the course I went on and listened to knock on a mazda mx-5 and you could clearly hear it. could only make it knock at really low rpm though.

Can you guys that are genuinely interested in a group buy start putting your names down with either ks4 or ks-pro next to it just so I can get an idea. I know its Christmas and all that but just need to get an idea of numbers before this thread spirals in to a massive discussion.

Happy Christmas to all

I honestly don't know which one i would want!. What are the differences between the pro and 4??

The kpro is just the audio one where you can only listen and the ks4 is the one where you can listen and also see. The ks4 unit can be added at a later date if you want to just try the kpro on its own

Image above is a ks4

Image below is a ks-pro

Okay, so this is for the Pro Tuning Solution package, not just the KS-4.. I'm definitely interested if we can get a good group buy. This may be something to put out on another forum or two to get more interest and help lower overall cost.

I can get hold of either just all depends what you fancy and if your on a smaller budget. Good idea treezy if I can get enough on here then I will try a few other forums I'm on. If I can get 5 defiantes on here then I will get a price then see about going for 10 to hopefully get an even better deal!

I just need people to write their name and what they want the pro or the ks-4!!!





My suggestion is also asking people on the "diyefi.org" forum.

We usually reply within 12hrs (often sooner)

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