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Andre.. help me with the latest table for this m150 for 86 AT bone stock please

I will install eforce later on when my NA map is complete and i am happy with the car behaviour


This table simply defines the amount of fuel being delivered by the DI and PI injectors. I generally get maximum advantage by using as much of the DI as I can and it's advisable to limit the DI injection pulsewidth to around 5-6 ms to ensure you're not exceeding the available injection window. From memory the MoTeC base map runs entirely on DI which is fine, however there are small gains available by introducing some PI - The dyno will tell you what the engine wants. If you add a supercharger then you won't have enough fuel on just the DI and will need to supplement this with PI too.

The v5 comes with PI added as 20% on the 90kpa from 4k up.

And lineared down to 60 i think.

Did you make 100% on cranking?

If im not mistaken.

The latest version of the Toyota 86 Package has an added amount of PI at the top of the Engine Speed range as this was found to give a small power increase over the previous map, however, a standard 86 using Gasoline can run DI everywhere without running into fueling issues.

Thanks black rex.

Do you do the gt86 also ?

Im on v5 base.

Yes there are pi scale on the top rpm begin 5k with 20% on WOT

Yes it has gain some power and torque

I want to ask something really bother me

1. There is drop down option calibration for secondary injection to use. It say that that is the oe calibration for stock 86.. do you use it or manual cal that came from package ?

2. Fuel type. Molar mass etc also have a dropdown calibration from menu that i can use octane 98.. because i am using 98 octane pump gas here.


The Base Toyota 86 Package uses the calibrations for the OE injectors.

If you have 98 Octane, then the Fuel Type should be set to this.

Rex.. to be clear.. so the 86 base package is using the drop down injector menu right ?

Not the manual cal.

The Manual Cal in the base file is there as the data has rolled over with the upgrades from the original Package that didn't have the drop down lists for the calibrations. The standard injectors are the Denso 1920 225 21.


What about the servo ?

Should i use the manual cal or keihin drop down menu?

Throttle Servo?

If you have a Keihin 16112AA400 Throttle Servo then you can use this calibration, the base calibration in the 86 Package matches this.

Yes.. i prefer use the manual. I can re checked everytime i want.

Also i will change secondary to manual. Cos in the future will change to id1000 anyway.

Ofcourse after nathan back with a good news from engineering..

Weird my start button wont work with motec.. and yet the car still cranking and started.

Also i am looking at the calibration of inlet air temp. My reading is too high 65-75 deg.

Even though i recheck 3 to 4 times and alter and change to match the stock calibration data i have with me from ecuflash and romraider from my car.

I have to forced to read 25-30 now.

What do you think dean? Since you are the 86 specialist from motec

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