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Piggybacking sensor outputs?

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I recently bought a set of innovative guages which include oil temp and oil pressure... not sure about the temp (didnt check) but im pretty sure the oil pressure is 0-5v output sensor.

Am I able to piggy back one of the haltechs AVI's on this sensor and show the reading on the haltech and the gauge without any issues?

Ill have to check but if the oil temp sensor is a NTC style sensor could I piggy back off this also? and how

Provided you also share the sensor ground for the gauge with a sensor ground on the ECU you should be able to share the input of your gauges. The only thing to watch on ECUs that offer dedicated temperature sensor inputs is that you need to disable the internal pull up resistor if you're piggybacking an NTC thermistor.

Hey Andre, I just fitted the innovative Water temp guage, I was planning to fit the gauges own sensor in addition to the ecu one (and do still plan too) but im on the road atm and the dash gauges sensor hole is a different thread to the new sensor...

Anyway long story short Ive just piggybacked off the ecu's sensor for now. The ecu doesnt offer any way to disable the pull up (Haltech PnP)

When I have them both connected they both read the same reading (tested up to 98c) if I disconnect just the gauge from the sensor the reading on the haltech doesnt change... But If I leave the gauge connected and remove the haltech the gauge jumps up about 5'c

Hopefully this is fine to run like this until I get setup in my new place and can re-tap the thread for the 2nd sensor