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How does pit lane speed limiters work? does it cut the fuel injector or ignition randomly to maintain a fixed speed limit like cyclic idle? ,and can it be set on a standalone ecu. need some info on this topic ,thank you

Yes, many ECUs such as MoTeC, Cosworth, Life have a speed limiter function. They can also control the throttle on drive-by-wire equipped engines in addition to fuel & spark.

What's need to make it work:

-- An input to activate the function (directly wired or received with CAN communications typically)

-- Accurate Wheelspeed data (again directly wired (best), or data via CAN)

-- A Target speed (usually a configuration parameter, could be set by another input (dash switch)

-- Correct configuration in the ECU

Thanks david

I've been keen to make this work on a link G4+. But can't find a simple way yet.

I set up pit lane limiters in the NZV8 touring cars using a Link G4/Vipec V88 and just used a digital input to activate a secondary rev limit. We set the limiter to achieve about 39 kmh in first gear and it worked exceptionally well and was very easy to set and adjust.

There's a Speed Limit menu in the PCLink Software, where you are able to configure the cut type, speed limit, and the activation mode.

You have to have a working speed input obviously.

Oh just to clarify @KGPerformance, I initially set up our race car series as an actual; 'speed limit' however we were seeing a little too much tolerance on where the ECU would limit based on how enthusiastic the driver was on the throttle coming down pit lane. No doubt some more time would have allowed this function to work just as well, however in our case we had zero time and needed to ensure drivers wouldn't get pinged for speeding in pit lane hence the rpm limit was a safer bet as a quick solution :)

ah, I understand.

This is actually something I still think about every now then when setting up limits in the PCLink Software.

Every ignition or fuel cut type limit I set (GP, Speed, younameit), basically gets its configuration on how it's cutting from the main rpm limit function?

I'm thinking it might be sometimes necessary to have one limit more aggressive, than the other... and that doesn't seem like it's achivable within the current firmware, correct?