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Placement of AIT sensor

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Working on a Honda V6 J35A4. We have a custom intake manifold and would some advice on where to install the air intake temperature.

Honda placed it originally in the plenum of the intake. If placed in the plenum should it matter where in the plenum? close to the TB or can it be at the opposite end of the TB.

There will be a short section of tubing between our manifold and the TB. Much like forced induction tubing. Is there any advantage or disadvantage in welding a bung just behind the TB on the way to the manifold?

Any help is appreciated!



I've tried lots of combinations, if you've got an intake pipe ahead of the throttle body (so not in the plenum) then put it there.

It depends on which ECU you're running, Link have a compensation for charge temperatures if you put the sensor in your manifold as Andre covers here:

But the traditional placement would be somewhere after your intercooler on a charged system but before the throttle plate

I find the most reliable option is to place the sensor in the intake pipe pre-throttle. The sensor tends to be quite prone to heat Doak if placed in the plenum, particularly if the plenum is aluminium.

It's always a slight compromise though so it's important to understand the likely implications.


Thank you for your input. My intake is ABS plastic.. We adapted the Honda Marine V6 intake manifold to the Honda J series V6, and relocated the throttle body from that. The stock Honda location is in the marine intake.