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Playing with my "new to me" Mustang MD250

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Hey guys,

Just wanted to share some of my joy, and show off my new toy. Its a Mustang MD250 Dyno. It was made in 2000, and has had some of the coolest cars in calgary on it. It has now been passed on to me (for $ of course). Fortunately it is a very low hour machine, and is in fantasic condition. Im getting repeatability within .7hp and 1ft/lb. It seems to be right on par with where it should in regards to what it spits out for figures. For a machine made in 2000, it sure does have alot of neat little features (step tests, 1/4 mile sprint, etc etc..)

I plan to do a lot of tuning on it, using what Andre has taught, and putting it to the test!

Thanks for looking guys. Wasn't sure where to put it!