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plex knock monitor

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hi all,

so santa got me a plex knock monitor for christmas.

i'm trying to get familiar with the unit. i've never listened to knock before an WOW this is intense. I'm testing on an evo 7 and i installed the sensor on the head above injector 4 where the hoist bracket usually is. the evo 7 is stock ecu using ecuflash as the tuning method. it has some knock registering when i do a 3rd gear ramp run on the road. i'm seeing knock registering on the knock monitor screen and on evoscan but i'm having problems hearing knock.

the settings i'm using are knock mode 0 and the 10k highpass filter. with the 10k highpass filter i hear something like a 'pop' in the headphones when the knock event starts but in the higher rpms the headphones get very distorted with alot of 'poping' but their is not knock registering on the screen of the knock monitor or evoscan.

I'm wondering if the sensor is installed in a noisy area. i probably will try installing on the intake manifold.

could any users give me any tips or best practices to use when setting up the plex knock monitor. i've searched the forum and read and re-read all the plex threads but i couldn't map out in my head how to setup and master the unit.

any tips or tricks will be very helpful

Have you watched the webinar that explains how to calibrate the knock threshold setting on the Plex? It covers just about everything you need to know.


PS - Also hook your Plex up to your PC and run the Plex software to double check you are on the latest firmware and software too.

hi Matt, thanks for the reply. i did watch the webinar a couple times. i set the threshold so that it maxed out at between 80-100. i will probably re-watch it again and re-do the set up.

also guys, what is the preferred method of powering the unit? via USB or via the car's battery?

I power the unit via USB as it's generally easier than direct to the battery.

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