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Plex Knock monitor Question

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good day folks,

i'm considering purchasing a plex knock monitor. but i cant decide which option to get.

so my question to the tuners/users of the product is: 1) how often do you use the dual sensors

2) how often do you use the CAN option

any info will be greatly appreciated

You need the dual sensors if you are going to be working with V6 or V8 engines. The CAN option can be updated later if you decide you need it.

I want to send CAN data to my dash for logging along side the ECU data. You can also get RPM information over the CAN bus (ODB-II ?) I think both of these features are only useful for a vehicle you will be working with a lot that has provisions for easy CAN bus connection (my race car for example).

I will be upgrading my Plex KMv2 I've had for more than a year next week for this capability.

thanks david, is the system upgradeable from 1 to 2 sensors?

Check with Plex Tuning, but I think you have to decide on that when you order. To me it seemed like the extra 10% for the dual model would be worth it in the long run. When I got mine, the CAN feature wasn't available yet, but fortunately the wiring for that was on my unit.

Can not upgrade from 1 to 2 sensors.

Thanks david and dynodom for the info.

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