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Plex Knock Monitor Setup

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So I'm searching for a place to mount the knock sensor on a 2011 Evo X. I have a simple easy to reach spot on the back side of the block, where I can bolt the sensor but the boss is only about 15-17mm around. Plex wants 22mm flat surface. There are no other spots on the block that I can simply reach in and bolt up this sensor. So my question is would this be better to going thru the effort to take off the intake to get at some other locations or try some of Plex's other less recommended locations for the sensor?

15-17mm might not be perfect but in my experience it will be just fine. In some cases you may need to try a couple of locations and see which works best but this is normally pretty quick and easy to do. I see very few EVO X's here but with the few I have done, I have used a location on the head or inlet manifold that's pretty easy to access and seems to work quite well. Typically the block is always a better option than the cylinder head/manifold though.


There is a braket below the intake manifold to hold the harness in place. You can remove it and attach the knock sensor there to the block. Usually i don't like to remove brakets, but it's to fusy to remount the braket and the harness is holding well in place without it. So no need to remout it after the tune.

Thanks, I will try both and report back which worked best.

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