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Plex Knock monitor V1 vs V2

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Good day, guys

I am looking to buy an audio knock detection tool in order to check my tunes and I was looking for the G4+ Knockblock.

A few days back I found a Plex Knock Monitor V1 in a fairly good price and I'm thinking of buying it.

My only trouble is that I don't know if there are any major differences with the V2 device. Anyone that has used both or using V1 to share an opinion!

I've used both the V1 and V2 and to be honest both are great. The biggest advantage of the V2 is that the signal to noise ratio has been improved which makes knock a little clearer and more obvious than it was in the V1. The V2 also includes dual headphone outputs which is nice for training purposes. There are some other differences but really in my experience it's the clarity that was the main improvement in the V2.

Thanks, Andre for your input on the matter I purchased the used plex v1 I found! One of the huge advantages I found is the support on the Knock monitor cause Plex Tuning is based in Greece! Thanks again!

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