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PLEX knock monitor v2 - Knock sensor replacement

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It's unfortunate but I can not find my knock sensor, I have to look for a replacement.

I've seen on some websites they are sold for 70-80USD (what?).

Since I remember it's a Bosch, I guess I can find a replacement (maybe cheaper?) and not waiting for a couple of weeks for it to arrive.

Any advice is welcome.

Thank you

i have seen them on ebay also for about $55 USD part number 0261231045

Plex uses the newer connector style. Part number of the plex supplied sensor is 0261231173 - or at least used to be when I owned one.

this is where i got mine

I wrote to Plex support when I wanted spare sensors. They said I could use these Bosch P/N with no problems :

0261231045 - I use this one