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Plex knock monitor v2 vs tuner nerd knock monitor v2

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What the difference?

What the best tool?

Is the plex 1000 euro worth to buy?


I have the Plex and just bought the Tuner Knock pro, although I have not reveived it yet,

I think for the money the Tuner Knock Pro is well worth it, on the other hand the Plex is a very nice kit, that can do Per Cylinder monitor in case you want to further tune your application where you have the flexibility to add either fuel or remove spark timing at a particular cylinder, if you do not need this, the the Tuner Nerd should be suffcient for You,

The way I see it, Plex is more a Pro kit thus the hefty price tag, Aluminium body lots of outputs looks well built, but if you want to tune your own car or afew the Tuner Nerd would be good.

I bought the plex for a Simple reason, there was no other Knock detector around, if Tuner nerd was released back then for around half the price would it be my pick is a no brainer when you want it for your own cars,

Hope that helps

Thanks alot for the help

I have both and they are both good products with a totally different aim. The Plex is quite quick and easy to fit in its simplest form and you can have it up and running in a couple of minutes. The tuner nerd does require a little more effort to get it up and operating but once you've done that my results have been really good. I'm a little concerned as to how the connector on the tuner nerd would stand up to long term professional use too. The choice really comes down to your budget and how much tuning you're likely to be doing.

Tuner nerd is less professional but less expensive

Plex more professional but to much expensive

I am beginner tuner

Is their other option?

You can build yourself a set of analog det cans for $20. No electronic knock monitor I've ever used can replicate the clarity of being 'tubed' directly to the engine block.

I've got most of the popular electronic knock monitors out there, but I still find myself using the det cans unless I require something a little more advanced, or an engine with multiple banks.

At the end of the day these types of tools are only as good as the user setting them up, so I wouldn't say one is better than the other. Usually comes down to what you are most comfortable with and what you can trust.

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