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Plex PCM-1000 Combustion analyser

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Hey Guys,

Has anyone used the Plex PCM-1000? Any thoughts?

I need this for an engine development program where I require in cylinder pressure to be monitored/Logged.

Thanks In advance.


Not the PLEX but I have a new in box TFX 8 channel for sale (one sensor of six is very slightly used, 5 hours). If you are interested please let Ben know to forward my email address to you. Reason for the sale: lack of opportunity to use it often enough.

Here a thread I started some time ago, unfortunately I cannot keep the thread alive.


Just out of interest - how much does a TFX cost? I'm also curious about the price of the PCM-1000 but it seems to be out of the reach of most! Even the Plex website seems to only sell to trade users...

If memory serves me well the Plex is 20k +

In my opinion the TFX is superior. My basically new in box (used 1 sensor for 2 hours) 8 channel TFX with six sensors is still for sale for a very reasonable price. Let me know here if seriously interested.

The Plex systems come in a few different packages, 4130 euro - 7580 euro.

spark plugs are 1430 euro, then you have a selection of other sensors to add if you want. exhaust port pressure etc.

Sadly we didn't end up following through with this project.

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