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Plex V2 Knock monitor with non-Bosch knock sensors (Toyota 86)

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Anyone try using the Plex V2 with the factory Toyota 86 knock sensors? Does it work well?

I've only used the supplied bosch sensors sorry. The supplied sensors are a generic wideband knock sensor where as the factory 86 sensor will be a narrowband sensor designed to be effective at the knock frequency of the FA20. This might mean the sensor isn't as effective on some engines where the knock frequency is substantially different.

Did you bolt the Bosch sensors in place of the factory knock sensors? It looks like the 86 factory knock mounting bosses aren't the full diameter of the Bosch sensor. I didn't see a great place to bolt them to the engine otherwise.


I left the stock sensors in place as I was also using the Plex to help validate the knock control system that relies on the factory sensors. There is a single M8 threaded boss along the back of the engine block near the mating line with the bellhousing that I use (I run a single sensor) and this has been very effective on our car (I't slightly towards the passengers side of the engine block and our cars are RHD).

Thank you very much for the help

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