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Plex V2 sound file logging. How to

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Does the Plex V2 internally log an audio file that can be played back later or does it need to be externally recorded and if so what is the best way. I am tuning in a marine environment and must listen to the run after the fact. Thanks

I too have the same situation but here its bikes, I need to find a way where data could be analyzed through the software. does anyone know or has anyone tried to export real time data into a AIM solo 2DL data logger ? and can the race studio 3 software process this info ?

The Plex knock monitor doesn’t have an on board audio recorder but you should be able do this with any dictaphone with a 3.5mm line-in.

Alternatively it does log knock activity that can be viewed using their own laptop software.

A better option would be to use the 0-5v analogue output or CAN if your Knock monitor has the option and log this with an external logger together with ECU parameters to diagnose the source of the knock.

Details on how to view logged data with the PC software and how to configure the analogue and digital output are here


@Ned I don't believe you could import the data into the solo 2 DL as it only takes data via CAN and the CAN receive template isn't user configurable unfortunately. We've recorded the sound profile into a laptop in the past for some of our videos with good success but in both the listed applications a laptop wouldn't be particularly viable. I'd suggest even a simple adaptor cable to a cell phone and you should be able to record the noise profile straight to your phone.

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