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PLX wideband Link G4

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Hi all, been a member for quite some time but never needed to post any questions until now, hopefully I'm in the right forum!

Fitted a 1UZ with a Link atom ecu and have been running with a stand alone PLX wide-band. I'd like to wire the wide-band into the ecu as it would make tuning a lot easier, the PLX came with a dedicated cable and I found a spare input, AN volt 3. I hooked it up and switched AN volt 3 to lambda but can't get any reading, I got an earth fault but that cleared instantly. I'm a complete novice so am probably missing something really obvious, any tips?


If it is a G4+ then setup would be like below. The PLX's output full scale voltage (cant remember either 0 or 5V) during warm-up so you have to set the error low/error high to 0 & 5 to prevent the fault settings from taking over.

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