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Poll: What do you consider a safe minimum piston-valve clearance.

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Now that I've finally got measurements I believe in and know my clearances I'm curious what the pros use for safe minimum p2v for a street car. Let's assume the valves are well under control from the springs for the sake of this poll since I believe that to be the case for my engine given I am running stiffer springs than needed (my Crower springs claim to be good up to 9,500rpm and my rev-limit will be much lower at around 8,400 rpm). In case your answer varies by engine it's a Honda b18c with overhead cams and solid rockers.

I know the generally accepted magic numbers are .100" for exhaust and .080" for intake but I also know that many of you deviate from this quite a bit. Let's see what sort of variety of numbers you tend to go by.

Here's one I thought was interesting. On the high-end V8's such as prostock etc, they work out to have negative static clearance. These things will have 200lb seat pressure and 1200lb over the nose though...


That was actually an awesome video! Confirms a lot of things I’ve been working on recently and figured out the round about way.

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