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Pop and bang tuning

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We are using Uprev software on Nissan Z cars. There are a few shops around us that offer a “pop and bang” tune and we are trying to get into doing that as well. I think I understand the basics but would like to get everyone’s thoughts on if my theory is correct or how I should go about doing these types of tunes

my theory-

First turn off over run fuel cut so that it will continue to dump fuel after the throttle body has closed. Then full throttle 100% load with slightly rich top end around 10.5-11 AFR. And retard timing slightly on decel...

am I missing anything ?

turn off deceleration fuel cut (overrun) and retard timing in low load area if you only want it to pop and bang off throttle

Is it the same thing with shooting flames from a parked idle as well?

^^^ Are you referring to 2 step?

Are there any damages caused to retarding in low load area.

What is soft cut limiting?

What is hard cut limiting?

No I’m not talking about 2 step

That's generally accomplished by 2 step functionality. Whether or not it ends up being used for launch control or just to show off is up to the user.

If you want it in full throttle go -40 to -50 dgree igntion and slightly increase fuel in the place where the cell reaches enjoy

Hi there,

I do a lot of pops maps on Z cars. With this post a short example. Hope it helps you on the way.

Kind regards,


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Vincent, is that map using Uprev?

So ignition is being retarded and fuel is made lean. All of this is done basically when there is 0% throttle input?

Hi there cason, et all,

This is a stock rom, without uprev.

The timing is retarded beyond TDC and a lot of fuel is added. Keep in mind that the vaules in the ignition map is burn time and not ignition advance in degrees. The nissan does have a decel fuel cut so a little AP is needed for the effect.

Kind regards,


as a addendum,

with this creating a situation where combustion happens with the exhaust valves open(or opening), this does not have a positive impact on cats. even the effect is greater without cats. But removing these creates other interesting challenges.

Kind regards,


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