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Possible Dead Time issues?

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What do you guys do when injector dead times provided by the manufacturer don't seem to work with your set up?

I used the numbers provided on their site for "plug'n'play" with the Haltech Elite

I've got a Haltech Elite 1500 and I've gone to a better quality injector to possibly help with an idle issue that I've been having.

Suffice to say, plugging in all the values provided from Injector Dynamics for their 1300cc injectors, and now the car won't run.

What I thought was going to be a simple swap, change the injectors, change some numbers for the fuel system and fire it up.......just wasn't the case.

I have tried with to corrections on and off, it does seem to work better with the corrections off.

The car was running well aside from the weird idle before I changed over the injectors.

The change over to the NSP software was also done at the same time, so thats a possible issue for it as well, but I'm leaning more to the injector information being off.

Car is a 2003 Nissan Sentra with the QR25DE, DBW, Boosted, Haltech Elite 1500.

I'm at a total loss, apparently this fix is above my pay grade (I'm still super new to the tuning game)

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Does Haltech have numbers for those injectors? I know that ID uses a MoTeC M1 for doing their calibrations, I do not know if they use other brands of ECU's to do ECU specific calibrations.

It may be that the way that the M1 drives the injectors is different to the Haltech so the dead times generated aren't compatible. When you are out of the non linear range of the injectors, how is the fuelling?

Also quite possibly the injector data for your previous injectors were wrong, so some of the compensation for that error has been baked into your tune. Now you have correct data but your tune is wrong.

Do you have 1300x or 1300x^2 ? check your spark plugs

Got it sorted.

I'm pretty sure it was a software fault.

Update software and firmware, car is running now.

Have to get to the dyno to get the VE table sorted as it's quite a bit out now.

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