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possible flawed mivec tuning?(unfamiliar with evo x)

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A friend has recently picked up a '12 evo x with some slight mods + "pro tune" and is driving back but is having a complaint he feels like is maybe the mivec needing to be smoothed or was tuned improperly? I quote "

The mivec system needs smoothing it's very like oh hey nbd driving normal boosting to 10 then you go 90-100% throttle and boom f***kin let's go total different tune 26 psi

Feels like it hesitates then goes hey I'll go to a fast tune then bam different car"

i am new to the 4b11 and usually only deal with older Subaru's /240s since they are the most common in my rural area, and have no experience with mivec and very limited with vtec. I would recommend a shop specializing with Mitsubishis but the only one within a 20+ hr radius. Also great learning experience for me , and is a close friend. i am waiting for a pdf on his mivic tables since the cobb is unlocked on the car. Also will attach a wastegate and boostcontrol table since he was talking about pressures ( possible thought i thought as well) just trying to pool some ideas for things to start chasing


there could be lots of ways to develop what your describing.

The throttle map may have been softened down for most of the throttle, some people do this to make driving more economical, then once you reach near full throttle it opens.

The same could be done with the boost control if it's controlled on throttle position.

Or it could even be torque limiters keeping the power at bay on part throttle.

For a few things to look at

Thank you! That would make sense and seems really obvious with drive by wire!

If u got a tactrix cable - read it and send it to toxinztune@gmail.com I'll have a look

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