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Possible Webinar topic (interpreting Data Logs)

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Andre what do you think about having a webinar session where you go though some of the techniques used to interpret data from datalogs... eg how to use histograms plots ... for fuel and boost control etc etc .... im sure there is much more to analyzing datalogs than just the time line plots.

Hi Barry. That's a great idea! We have a data analysis course planned however this would be a nice addition that we could easily implement.

Thanks for bringing it up.

A webinar or section in the course on Scatter plots would be great too :D

I second that! Histograms look like abstract art to me, beyond my comprehension.

I will look into what we can offer :)

Andre - I would appreciate this as a webinar or course work as well. Do you cover any data log interpretation in your road tuning course? Looking to pull the trigger on the starter pkg here shortly.